Elena Vittali Phillips

Elena Vittali Phillips, Webmaster, Alan Cumming: One Fine Man

My site on Alan Cumming, should be up and running by this weekend. If you want to know when exactly, please Email me at CORAZON@hrb.de

Now, I'm also opening up The Alan Cumming Web Ring. If you'd like to join, please click here. Then come back to this site when you're done and copy/paste the HTML code you need for your site. Ok? Click here to get the code and any other info.

We're rolling...

As for my upcoming Alan Cumming site... I need all the info I can get! So please Email me any info, pictures, or anything else that might be of interest. Also, if you have an Alan Cumming web site, I will have a hosting service for anyone who wants to host an Alan Cumming web site on my server. Cost? I haven't figured out yet.

And one more thing, I will have a 'research' group. Do you wanna join? Email me then!

You: Eh!... We were just getting started!

Me: True, true.. but sorry, 'chau' till then.

A beloved Alan Cumming Fan

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