The Alan Cumming Web Ring
My site on Alan Cumming, should be up and running by this weekend. If you want to know when exactly, please Email me at

Please visit !! It will be transformed into an un-official mag about Alan Cumming

Now, I'm also opening up The Alan Cumming Web Ring. If you'd like to join, please click here. Then come back to this site when you're done and copy/paste the HTML code you need for your site. Ok? Click here to get the code and any other info.

We're rolling...

As for my upcoming Alan Cumming site... I need all the info I can get! So please Email me any info, pictures, or anything else that might be of interest. Also, if you have an Alan Cumming web site, I will have a hosting service for anyone who wants to host an Alan Cumming web site on my server. Cost? I haven't figured out yet.

And one more thing, I will have a 'research' group. Do you wanna join? Email me then!

You: Eh!... We were just getting started!

Me: True, true.. but sorry, 'chau' till then.

A beloved Alan Cumming Fan

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The Alan Cumming Web Ring
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The Alan Cumming Web Ring